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Metalurji için başka

Disassembly Parts
Mevcut | Toptan 
Toptan satış:
  • 74.91 AZN/adet  - itibaren 2 adet
Disassembly parts shall perform an easy installation and disassembling of valves. It has ± 25 mm of movement ability.
Grup: Cüruf sital
Rainwater Grille
Mevcut | Toptan 
Toptan satış:
  • 59.59 AZN/adet  - itibaren 2 adet
Rainwater grilles  built-in  wells and canals of the rain and sewer systems   shall be designed for normal  discharge  of surface waters. They are usually placed on the edges of the road section. Rainwater grilles can be designed in different sizes within the standards depending on the demand. 
Grup: Cüruf sital


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