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Ассенизационные машины

 Manhole Cover
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  • 150.7 AZN/шт  - от 2 шт
Стоимость минимального заказа: 301.40 AZN
Manhole cover is used in ventilation and inspection of rain or wastewaters and repairs and overlays  of  wells. Interference  by  unauthorized  persons, moving and frisking of cover shall be prevented through lock mechanism.  
Группа: Ассенизационные машины
Corrugated Sewerage Pipes
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6.8 AZN
 Corrugated polyethylene pipes (corrugated pipes) were both produced as double or triple at “Azertexnolayn” LLC enterprise. Corrugated Double Tubes shall be applied in the diameter range of 150DN-600DN and our triple pipe production is basically applied 500DN-2400DN diameter range. High-density...
Группа: Ассенизационные машины


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